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Self-Help Assistance and Referral Program “SHARP” Online
In partnership with the California Judicial Council and LawHelp Interactive, the Butte County Court Facilitator provides remote assistance available 24 hours on a platform that works for today’s self-represented litigants. The service provides links to begin preparing your own legal documents online, including Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in Mariposa and Merced Counties. For more information, visit SHARP at the following link:

Judicial Council of California
The Judicial Council of California has fillable forms available on line in PDF format for all areas of the law at the following link:


Mountain Crisis Services, Mariposa
Mountain Crisis provides hope, support and recovery for those who are or who have been victims of domestic violence. Their office is located at 5075 Hwy 140, Suite C, Mariposa, California. Their office number is (209) 742-5865, and their 24-Hour Hotline is 1-888-966-2350. For more information visit their site at this link:


Online therapy platforms help individuals access professional care for mental, emotional, and behavioral health needs without having to travel to a specific physical location. This is of particular value in our current need for social distancing due to COVID-19.  With so many companies offering therapy services via video and phone calls, live chats, and email messaging, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you and your needs. To help users, OnlineTherapy has evaluated the most popular online therapy platforms based on 14 of the key features most important to those looking for an online therapist, forming the basis for their recommendations for the top 10 online therapy sessions. You can find the list at the following link:


Mariposa County Superior Court Facilitator

The Mariposa County Superior Court is seeking an attorney to fill the position of  Family Law Facilitator/Small Claims Advisor/Self-Help Center.  The job involves approximately 20-30 hours per week, some of which may be conducted remotely via zoom.  The position provides a competitive salary but does not provide benefits.  The attorney filling the position cannot practice law in Mariposa County, but may continue to practice law in neighboring counties.


ArcherHall To Provide Free MCLE Courses to the MCBA Via Webinar

ArcherHall has always provided MCLE courses at no charge to the MCBA.  They have now stepped up to do so via webinar during our regular luncheon meetings.   

Capitol Digital and Califorensics are now ArcherHall. They provide concierge services with a free consultation in all Digital Forensic Services areas including the following:

Forensic Imaging

Create exact bit-for-bit copies of the data on a computer or other storage medium. Admissible in court and provably identical to the original.

Cell Phone Forensics

Imaging, recovery, and analysis of data from cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Data Recovery

Extract data from corrupted or damaged devices. Find and restore deleted files and messages.

Expert Evidence Analysis

Identify files, emails, or activity logs that are relevant to the case. Piece together subtle clues to provide a clear story.

Expert Testimony

Testify in court or deposition regarding the conclusions of evidence analysis, validity of data, and soundness of methodologies.

Theft of Trade Secrets

Investigate unauthorized copying, printing, or transfer of sensitive or valuable data.

E-Discovery Services

Data Collection

Collect local, network, or cloud data from multiple custodians at multiple locations.

Processing & Production

Exclude irrelevant data, capture text and metadata, and Bates label. Produce native files or TIFFs and load files for all popular systems.

Hosted Review

Access discovery documents from anywhere through their online review platform. Spend time on review, not document management.

Advanced Culling Techniques

Reduce discovery costs by excluding more non-relevant documents, especially for clients operating in big data environments.

Early Case Assessment

Find out what your data contains before you get too deep. Quickly view data by file type, timeline, or relationships between people.

Electronic Medical Records

Collection, processing, and analysis of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and associated metadata.

The ArcherHall Brand

ArcherHall echoes the classic cadence of a storied professional services firm, but with a modern twist.

Rather than a firm founded on the strength of impressive individuals, their firm is founded on a commitment to core principles.

Their business is built on two pillars: their clients and their team. Their mission is to be a company beloved by both, and ArcherHall reflects that duality.


Archer represents their commitment to their clients. Their brand conveys precision and accuracy, skill and expertise. They  are targeted and effective; They move fast and get straight to the point.


A hall is a building or room that serves as a gathering place for people. They aspire to be a company that attracts outstanding people from all over, based on common values and commitment to a common goal. A hall is a place where people can gather for a cause, for discussion and debate, and to have a secure place to achieve their potential.


ArcherHall’s new brand tagline, Aim High, challenges their clients and team members to never accept mediocrity when greatness is worth pursuing.

Contact ArcherHall at 855.839.9084

2081 Arena Boulevard, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95834